Wellness Essentialsfor Pregnancy 30 Packets

Part Number:MG-PREG
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  • Guarantees daily consumption of vitamins, minerals, and purity-certified omega-3s to:
    —Support reproductive health♦
    —Promote a smooth pregnancy♦
    —Enhance fetal growth and development♦
    —Relieve postpartum negative mood♦
  • Supports fetal neurological health with 1 mg of body-ready folate.♦
  • Enhances fetal brain development with choline and DHA.♦
  • Supports muscular relaxation and may prevent nocturnal leg muscle cramps with calcium and magnesium.♦
  • Supplies safe levels of vitamin A with precursor carotenoids.

Take one packet daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Each packet con- tains two multi tablets (green), two calcium/magnesium tablets (white), one choline softgel (opaque brown), two EPA-DHA softgels (opaque yellow), and one DHA softgel (opaque yellow).