Ribo-CarniClear 8 OZ

Part Number:DFH-RCL8OZ
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RiboCarniClearâ„¢ is a pleasant, naturallyflavored convenient liquid delivery system for carnitine and ribose.Just one teaspoon provides a potent 2,000 mg of both D-ribose as wellas pure base L-carnitine. In addition each teaspoon serving contains500 mcg of the activated form of B-12 methylcobalamin and 100 mg ofpantothenic acid (vitamin B5), which are added to help assist in bothcarnitine synthesis as well as fatty acid transport.D-ribose is a simple 5-carbon monosaccharide used by all living cellsessential for cellular metabolism. Ribose is needed to synthesizeadenine nucleotides which are the backbone of the genetic material- RNAand DNA, certain vitamins and other cellular compounds. Ribose isliterally the starting point to make ATP, the primary source of energyfor the heart, muscles and other tissues of the body.L-carnitine is a compound naturally occurring in all foods, butsignificant amounts are only found in dark meats (due to highconcentration of mitochondria). Carnitine supplementation may be neededespecially for vegetarian diets or when dark meats are consumed insmall amounts. L-carnitine is needed for energy, to shuttle fat to themitochondria, heart health, and to enhance athletic performance.Together D-ribose and L-carnitine will keep the energy pools at fullcapacity, increase energy production, as well as increase the body'sability to utilize fat as a fuel source. Ribo-CarniClearâ„¢ delivers apowerful one-two punch, for cardiovascular health as well as athleticperformance and recovery.