Policosanol + Gugulipid 60s

Part Number:DFH-POG060
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Human studies have shown that policosanol is aneffective and safe way to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.* Best ofall, policosanol does this without the side effects of drugs. Unlikestatin drugs, policosanol does not interfere with the body’s productionof CoQ10. Gugulipid is an extract from the resin of Gum guggul(commiphora mukul), a plant native to India. Guggul has been used intraditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries as a treatment for avariety of disorders. Guggul's active components, Z-guggulsterone andE-guggulsterone, are present in the gugulipid extract, and have alsobeen shown to help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol andtriglycerides.* Policosanol and Gugulipid work togethersynergistically.