Myco-AHCC 60's

Part Number:PE-AHC6
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*AHCC® and cordyceps for immune and cellular support AHCC®, or active hexose correlated compound, supports natural defenses and may also maintain healthy cellular signaling and cell function. AHCC® is an enzyme-fermented extract of mycelia from Basidiomycetes mushroom species. The main constituents are the low molecular weight, highly absorbable, partially acetylated a- and b-glucan oligosaccharides and glycoproteins. The oligosaccharides in mushrooms are believed to directly support several types of immune cells and to protect healthy tissue. Human studies have indicated statistically significant enhancement of natural killer (NK) cell activity with AHCC® supplementation, thereby supporting the earliest stages of the innate, nonspecific immune response. Several preclinical investigations and a human case study have indicated that AHCC® supplementation maintains healthy T lymphocyte function. Mechanistic studies have shown that AHCC® supports the production of interleukins and interferon-gamma, a cytokine that promotes T-lymphocyte activity as part of the adaptive, specific immune response. Additional studies indicate that AHCC® may also promote the function of dendritic cells, macrophages and neutrophils. Therefore, AHCC® supports multiple events in both innate and adaptive immunity. Cordyceps sinensis, a mushroom that supports healthy T-lymphocyte activity, provides complementary support for the body’s natural defenses. Myco-AHCC® provides powerful support for healthy immune and cellular function.