Inosine Synergy-MS caps 90 ct

Part Number:DFH-INS090
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Natural Support for Degenerative Neurological DisordersInosine is a purine ribonucleoside widely found in plants and animals. It is comprised of the purine base hypoxanthine and the sugar D-ribose. Inosine is also found as a minor nucleoside in transfer RNA and is essential for proper translation of the genetic code.The Role of InosineThe discovery of inosine as a medical supplement began with the observation that multiple sclerosis (MS) patients have lower levels of uric acid than healthy individuals, or those with some other neurological disorders[2]. It has also been classically observed that patients who suffer from gout, a disorder characterized by elevated levels of uric acid, never get MS and that these two disorders are virtually mutually exclusive. Further investigations have confirmed that uric acid acts as a potent scavenger of the peroxynitrate-dependent radicals implicated in axonal degeneration and the formation of MS lesions[1,3].Key Nutrients in Inosine Synergy-MS™This synergistic formula also contains lipoic acid, vitamin B12 (in the methylated form) which improves methylation and is critical for healthy nervous tissue, vitamin D3 and Ginkgo biloba. Vitamin D3 is an immune regulator and has been heavily researched for many autoimmune disorders. Ginkgo helps to prevent MS exacerbations. Alpha lipoic acid has consistently shown impressive results in a number of clinical trials for neurological disorders[5,6]. It plays many roles, including raising glutathione levels which have been shown to be low in red and white blood cells, as well as cerebrospinal fluid, of patients with MS.