Feverfew UltraCare 90's

Part Number:PE-FFU9
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B vitamins, magnesium and herbs for healthy cranial blood flow and vascular comfort *Feverfew UltraCare contains a mixture of nutrients and herbs to support healthy cranial vascular flow and comfort. Both riboflavin and feverfew have been studied for their ability to promote cranial comfort, with numerous randomized double blind, placebo- controlled trials indicating their supportive effects. Feverfew is thought to act in part by maintaining healthy cytokine, leukotriene and prostaglandin metabolism as well as promoting healthy cranial vascular muscle function. Ginger has a long history of traditional use for supporting cranial comfort and may maintain healthy activity of chemical mediators. Magnesium supports healthy vascular and neural function, playing a key role in cellular communication across neuromuscular junctions. Additionally, it promotes healthy cerebral blood flow. Vitamin B6 is included to promote magnesium absorption as well as to support serotonin synthesis. Feverfew UltraCare is a blend of nutrients and herbs to promote cranial vascular function and comfort