EssentiaMeal Chocolate Single-Serving 6 pack

Part Number:DFH-EMCHSS
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EssentiaMeal™ is a delicious and convenient way to obtain quality protein along with additional key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, for a quick and easy high protein meal.Highlights of EssentiaMeal™•High protein meal for those on the go•17 g whey protein per serving•Ideal for pre and post workout•Ultra-convenience of our single-serving 6-pack; simply add water or juice, shake and enjoy•Perfect between meal snack•Also available in a delicious vanilla flavorFeatured Nutrients in EssentiaMeal™•Exceptional quality whey protein from 80% concentrate; less refined than standard whey isolates (minimally processed)•Gamma E - delivers increased levels of gamma-tocopherol, the form of vitamin E most associated with expanded health benefits•Albion-chelated Minerals for superior absorption•Phosphatidylcholine – supports liver health; excellent for increasing absorption of fat soluble nutrients•NatureFolate™ blend of safe, naturally-occurring folates, including those found in spinach•2.5 g dietary vegetable fiber (as VitaFiber™ - a prebiotic fiber; greater than 90% soluble fiber; helps with absorption of minerals and overall GI health)•Sweetened with the natural herb steviaBenefits of Protein•Enhances immune system, as protein is necessary for the proper functioning of antibodies•Helps to build and repair muscle, bone and tissue•Assists in increasing metabolism•Important for proper weight management•Integral to the structure of red blood cells•Involved in the formation and regulation of enzymes and hormones