Cod Liver Oil (Genuine Norwegian) 7 oz

Part Number:DFH-CLO7OZ
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Designs for Health's Genuine Norwegian Cod Liver Oil is derived from the livers of Genuine Norwegian Cod(Gadus morhua).It is the highest quality first-press oil from Norway, from one of thepurest bodies of water in the world. The reason most cod liver oil soldin the United States is not called "Genuine" is because most CLOs onthe market are not from cod. They are from a combo of all kinds of fish(some not even from Norway) with A and D added due to the cost of usingoil exclusively from high quality livers of cod. Natural lemon essencehas been added to produce a taste loved by children and adults, as wellas a proprietary antioxidant blend in order to preserve the freshnessof this health promoting oil. As different batches of cod are used foreach pressing, the omega 3 levels and the vitamin A and D levels varyfrom batch to batch. Ranges seen on the label reflect actual levels ofEPA and DHA from many tested batches of our cod liver oil. However,before the product is bottled, the amounts of vitamins A and D arestandardized. Due to popular request, Designs for Health now controlsthe vitamins A and D amounts in every bottle to an ideal 5:1 ratio.